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This option is currently available in South Africa only. More countries will be added in the next few months.

*Free delivery and pickups within Cape Town.

*Extra charges apply for deliveries to customers outside Cape Town.

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Package Starter Sim Pro Sim Smartphone
Rental duration 30 days 30 days 7 days
Device Sim only Sim only Sim + Handset
Fast data for internet and email. 1gb 2gb 500mb
Social media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc) 500mb 500mb 500mb
To any local Telkom fixed or mobile number 300 mins 300 mins 150 mins
To local mobile networks 21mins 21mins 21mins
International numbers incl. the US (first 7 days) 21mins 21mins 21mins
Text / sms to local mobile phones 100 100 100
Incoming international calls / texts free free free
Incoming local calls / texts free free free
Voicemail (Unlimited) free free free
Balance check (Unlimited) free free free
SQUAREMOBILE™ 24 hour Technical support free free free
Delivery to local accommodation free free free
Rental number confirmed 10 days before arrival free free free
Price to Kumba Africa Select ($30) Select ($40) Select ($50)

The following options are ONLY available to people living in the USA.

Phone plan

International Smartphone Rental

Traveling the world and staying in touch is simple. With unlimited 2G data and unlimited texts at no extra charge, the international smartphone rental is the best choice for traveling.

  • Powerful and stylish smartphone
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini included *
  • Unlimited 2G data in 120+ countries
  • Unlimited texts in 120+ countries
  • Fully tested with Global Support seven days a week
  • Delivered to your door in the US
  • Comes with a US number
  • Accessory pack included
  • Just pay for what you use
  • Phone arrives charged and ready to go
Rental Pack
  • Handset
  • Rapid Charger
  • Travel Adapter
  • Protective Cover
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Carry Bag
  • Pre-paid Return Pack

This device will not work within the US

Phone plan

International Mobile Hotspot Rental

Connect multiple smartphones, laptops and tablets to the internet as you travel with a high speed Data SIM and MiFi device. Take advantage of our unlimited data bundle to get email, browse the web and keep up with social media while you're traveling in New York, London, Moscow or Tokyo. With no overage there is no risk of running up a large data roaming bill so you can use the internet like you would at home.

  • Large data bundles
  • 4G speeds available ˣ
  • International Data SIM and optional Mobile Hotspot
  • Works in 120+ countries
  • Multiple users can share one connection
  • Take a MiFi to connect laptops, tablets, smartphones, iPhones
  • Fully tested with Global Support seven days a week
  • Arrives charged and ready to go
  • Prepaid return pack included

Phone plan

International SIM Card Rental

Take your mobile overseas and avoid international roaming charges on outgoing and incoming calls - save money on your mobile bill! Need a phone? You can rent a handset guaranteed to work where you are traveling.
* Please Note: SIM card rentals are only compatible with unlocked mobile phones.

  • SIM card, Guaranteed to work in selected country
  • Cost effective call rates
  • Fully tested with Global Support seven days a week
  • Delivered to your door in the US
  • Get your number before you travel
  • Just pay for what you use
  • SIM arrives ready to use