Host Manual


  • Build complete, authentic and amazing Single-Day or Multi-Day Experience Listings, fill in all the available information and be honest. A complete and truthful experience with a complete description will help you out, lead to positive reviews, and bring more travelers to book your experience. Remember, Kumba takes care of its hosts and we will take your side if you are honest, polite and mean business. Submit TWO or MORE of these documents that apply to you as a Host:

    • Certified Tour Guide
      • Mandatory: Copy of a government issued ID such as a state ID or passport
      • Mandatory: Tour guide licence
      • Driver's License
      • Proof of insurance policy
    • Registered tour operator (company):
      • Mandatory: Company representative’s copy of a government issued ID such as a state ID or passport
      • Mandatory: Company Registration document(s)
      • Mandatory: Tour operating licence
      • Proof of insurance policy
    • Local (not a certified tour guide):
      • Mandatory: Copy of a government issued ID such as a state ID or passport
      • Mandatory: Police clearance certificate
      • Driver’s licence
      • References


  • Visit the website:
  • Click on ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Log In’ (if you have signed up already as a Host before) on the Main Tab of the website
  • Click on your Profile Image on the top right corner of the Main tab of the website, and then click on ‘View My Profile’
  • Click on ‘Host Verification Documents’ on the bottom of your Profile page.
  • Upload relevant documents using the ‘Select File’ option. The more the better, as it is easier to verify you

2. Complete your profile, have a friendly picture and write a couple of nice and true things about yourself and/or your company in the Bio section of your Profile. Travelers want to see who they are going to be meeting.

3. Think deeply about what the traveler should expect from the moment they meet you, to the moment you say goodbye to them. Highlight this in the ‘Experience Description’ section while you are creating the experience. Travelers are paying you to have an amazing experience, so make every minute worth it and leave them satisfied with your experience.

Experience title and description
  • Have a competitive and descriptive title that persuades a traveler that your experience out of the hundreds of other experiences, is the best. Mention other exciting facts about your experience, e.g. “Taste the local beer and dish” or “Learn Swahili in less than 2 hours and speak with other locals.” or “5 Amazing days in the Tanzanian bush” or “2-day Wine Tasting tour in Cape Town”.
  • Your description should accurately describe what your travelers will do during the duration of the experience. People want to know what exactly they are paying for when they book your experience. No good title and description will result in less bookings for you. Avoid making spelling errors, as this will confuse the traveler or reflect negatively on you.
Experience Pictures
  • Take pictures with your cellphone today of something related to your experience. Don’t wait for the perfect ones to launch your experience on Kumba.
  • Once you have created your Kumba experience, make the time to get a professional picture(s) for your experience and replace the old photo by editing your Kumba experience. Make sure the picture is related to the experience and it is one of the ways to persuade a traveler to book your experience.
  • Firstly, determine all the cost involved with your experience. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you are going through this process:
    • Is there any transport required during the time when you are hosting the experience? Are you taking the travelers anywhere once you meet them, or will the experience be taking place at the meeting location you specified when you created the experience?
    • Will you need to buy any tickets for entry to places/events you’ve included in the Experience Description section? How much is it per person?
    • Does your Kumba experience require you to buy anything that will be used during the experience? E.g. food supplies, equipment etc.
  • If there are certain things you expect travelers to pay for during the experience e.g. tickets, mention it in the ‘Description’ section. Don’t forget to tell them if they need cash, the currency of cash they should bring and mention if they can use credit cards to purchase them. If you want to save travelers the hassle of paying for those things during the Experience, then include it in the price you list for the Experience.
  • In terms of what you charge travelers for your experience, START AS LOW AS POSSIBLE. The lower (but fair) the price, the more bookings, the faster you register more experiences, the faster you get reviews, the faster you look like a cool host on search results. In deciding your starting price, remember to do enough research as to what costs are involved to make your experience possible, and Kumba’s Service Fees. The ‘Price Calculator’ tool provided for when you enter the price of your experience while creating/editing your experience, will help you determine what Kumba charges to make it possible for this amazing platform to run smoothly for you. There is a wide range of software used and paid for, to make Kumba work as efficiently as possible, and a dedicated team of people that work tirelessly to make this happen.
  • Get your first 5-star reviews as fast as possible, by delivering high quality experiences and treating your travelers as best as you can. KUMBA ASKS ALL TRAVELERS TO REVIEW THE EXPERIENCE, AFTER THEY HAVE SAID THEIR GOODBYES TO YOU AS THE HOST. In turn, Kumba will also ask you as a host, to review any travelers you would have hosted.
General Kumba Hosting advice
  • Be aware that you are running a business. Educate yourself on all necessary licenses/permits required in your state/country/city and implement them. You will most likely be required to pay tax, so do your research to figure out how this affects your pricing. If you are not sure of how to find this out, visit a lawyer or contact Kumba Africa ( and we will do our best to refer you to good resources. For now since we are still new, you are our eyes and ears in your home country, so we rely on your research and feedback, to learn more about what Kumba can do to assist other hosts like you, in your city/state/country.
  • Study in depth all the Kumba rules and regulations. This information is found on the official Kumba website: If you have any questions or comments, you can also email us at:
  • Be a good host! Kumba works with ratings, the more 5-star ratings you get the more Kumba will like you as a host and show your experience higher up on the Home Page. Good and many reviews will also attract a potential traveler.
  • Don’t cancel confirmed bookings. It does hurt your host rating heavily, unless you provide a good reason for doing so, by sending us an email. Travelers also expect you to stick to the days and times you displayed as available. They are traveling long distances to experience our amazing continent with you.
  • As soon as you receive a booking, message the traveler, with a simple message such as: “Hello Mark! I am excited that you have booked my experience and I cannot wait to meet you and show you my beautiful part of Nigeria.” Or “Good afternoon Mary! As your host, I cannot wait for you to enjoy my amazing experience. Is there anything you need more information on, or have questions?”
  • Reply as soon as possible to your travelers’ messages. This will show your genuine interest in them and it also convinces them that you actually exist. Connections are built prior to actually hosting the experience.
  • Always refer to the Kumba Africa Terms and Conditions to remain educated on the do’s and don’ts of using the platform.
Dealing with bad experiences
  • Remember that you are dealing with people. There are bound to be issues at some point. As the host, remain as calm and professional as possible, when faced with an issue.
  • Always be polite and try to resolve any issue with the traveler first but if you can’t handle it you can always contact Kumba at:
  • Listen to feedback, but don't try to be all things to all people. Keep the experience fun.
  • In the event of an emergency, keep calm and contact your country’s emergency number, or take relevant action that suits the situation. E.g. call the police, seek medical attention or signal to anyone around you that you need assistance.
Quality Standards
  • Hosts must demonstrate high levels of connection to the areas in which they offer Host Services, and/or expertise in the areas in which they offer Host Services. Hosts must give Travelers insider access to places or things they couldn’t find on their own.
  • Every Host Service submitted to Kumba is reviewed to make sure it meets three Quality Standards: connection, expertise, and insider access. Host Services that don’t meet the standards may be removed from Kumba at Kumba’s discretion. These Quality Standards include:
    • Connection:Hosts are friendly and welcoming to strangers or Travelers, and are able to facilitate connections between them. Hosts are dedicated to creating meaningful human connections. They go out of their way to make Travelers feel welcome and recognized. When crafting and describing your Host Service, Hosts highlight the ways you will consider the details and ensure that Travelers feel safe, engaged, and connected throughout the experience. Consider the following when crafting the Host Service: Travelers’ needs (dietary considerations, accessibility, or safety concerns), plans for unforeseen circumstances, ways to help Travelers connect and interact with each other, and the comfort levels of Travelers from many different cultures.
    • Expertise:Hosts have in-depth knowledge on the topic or theme of the Host Service.
    • Insider Access:Hosts demonstrate their exclusive ability to provide access to experiences the average tourist would not likely discover on their own such as: going to a lesser-known place, meeting a private community, ordering off-menu, going after hours, seeing a backstage area, etc. Hosts invite guests to actively participate in their community or culture.
  • Other Quality Standards:
    • Accuracy:Hosts must provide Travelers complete and accurate information about their Host Service, including the itinerary, time and date, meeting location, what they’ll provide to Travelers, and all other pertinent information.
    • Communication:Hosts must be able to effectively, accurately, and promptly communicate with Travelers, including, but not limiting to, real-time communication immediately before, during and after any Host Service.
    • Commitment to reservations:Hosts must honor all booked reservations, even if that reservation is for one person, unless they are forced to cancel due to a valid Extenuating Circumstance. Refer to Terms of Service.
    • Minimum Traveler review ratings:Host Services with too many low-star (1, 2, or 3-star) reviews or an average rating below 3 may be removed from Kumba at Kumba’s sole discretion.